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creating a life, business and personal growth journey that we are totally obsessed with

The podcast for ambitious women entrepreneurs who want to make a bigger impact in their
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The She Calls Her Shots Community

Join the tribe of women who are learning to play bigger in order to create a life they totally love. You’ll be empowered, coached, challenged, and encouraged to show up and be your true self. This community is filled with women who are obsessed with growth, have big dreams for their life and their businesses, and are learning to become obsessed with the JOURNEY.

A small-town girl from the south that decided to dream big, follow her passions, start her own photography business, move to the west coast, and wholeheartedly pursue her biggest goals. 

My favorite thing in life is empowering other women to find & follow their passions and dreams, while also learning to find joy in their journey. We have one life on this earth and you DESERVE to live a life that you're ridiculously PROUD of and PASSIONATE about! That's what the She Calls Her Shots podcast is all about!

Let's experience this journey together. Let's focus on living bold, bright and happy lives & making a bigger impact within our life and our business.

I’m Krista - your podcast host, best friend & business cheerleader. 

Want to be a guest host?

Interested in being a guest on the show, or have someone great to recommend? We are not always accepting new guests, but we would love to hear what you have in mind. For sponsorships or collaborations, please email [info@shecallshershots.com]. 


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