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Your personal branding photos are a part of your brand identity — so it’s really important to pick outfits that will perfectly represent your business and your brand! This can also be a part of the planning process that feels stressful — this is often where I get the most questions, so in this post I’ll help you choose the best branding session outfits for your photoshoot.

First things first, what are your brand colors?

Or if you don’t have a defined set of brand colors, what colors do you think your ideal clients would be drawn to the most? For example, if you’re a therapist and your office colors tend to be neutral and more muted, you’ll want to bring along at least a couple of outfits that match that style! On the other hand, if you know that you’re likely going to be in a neutral, light colored office space — you’ll also want at least 1-2 things that will be a “pop” of color to bring some life to your brand. Choosing your branding session outfits is critical to ensuring that your brand photos feel warm and welcoming to your audience.

pink wall indoor personal branding session

The next thing you’ll want to consider is the TYPE of clothing that you want to wear

What types of clothing are you normally wearing when people work with you? For example, if you’re a lawyer or other professional service provider, you’ll likely be wearing fairly formal outfits around your clients. Be sure to bring along 1-2 of your favorite formal pieces to best represent the “work” side of your brand. On the other hand, it can be really nice for your audience to feel the more casual “off-work” side to your brand! And you can make it as casual as you want – it could be a summer/flowy dress or jeans with a blouse or top. Find what outfits feels most comfortable for you!

My biggest takeaway when it comes to choosing your branding session outfits is this — you have to feel comfortable

If you’re buying new clothes for your branding session, be sure to wear them around the house first and really get to know how it makes you feel! This goes for new clothes, new shoes, new makeup, etc. Not only will you feel more comfortable, but you’ll also feel more CONFIDENT!

branding session outfit guide
See more from this LA branding session.

Tips and things to avoid when choosing your branding session outfits:

  • Really contrasty colors (think a white top with thick black lines or patterns)
  • Small patterns (like gingham or small designs)
  • “Trendy” items or things that might quickly go out of style, unless they are a core part of your brand
  • Over-accessorizing (it can be really easy to go overboard with lots of jewelry and smaller details)
  • Branded items (think: logos, branded designs, etc.)

Ways to maximize your branding session outfits:

  • Have at least a few neutral tops and sweaters
  • Bring a few purses (both neutral and more colorful ones)
  • Scarves, headbands, and sweaters can be a great and easy way to add new life to an outfit
  • Bring lots of different options, even if you don’t get to wear them all
indoor fun personal branding session

Have someone join that can help you prep outfits

Some clients love to bring a friend along to their sessions, simply for the sole purpose of prepping their next outfit before they need it. This person can help to steam your outfits, gather any jewelry/accessories, and make sure you have everything you need ready to go so you can maximize your time with your photographer. I always welcome assistants to my sessions, but be sure to ask your photographer if they are okay with having someone tag along to help you!

And of course if you have ANY QUESTIONS at all, definitely reach out to your photographer for help!

My clients and I spend a fair bit of time planning out the different locations and we chat through different outfit options that would go great with the setting and color scheme. Your brand photos are going to be the face fo your business, so definitely make sure to plan everything out in advance!

Want extra tips on how to best prepare for your branding session? Check out my blog post here to read more!

Choosing the best branding session outfits

June 23, 2022

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